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Supervise other sub-contractor instructors – Tempe, Arizona

Supervise other sub-contractor instructors – Tempe, Arizona

Weon Keyong Health Center
6473 South Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA
Phone: 480-889-5509
Email: info(at)wkpilatesonline.com

Lead Pilates Instructor

Job Purpose: Supervises other sub-contractor instructors. Assists Owner by performing related duties.


* Monitors teaching quality and care of sub-contractors by attending each instructor’s class once a month. Provide feedback to instructor and owner Sonia Kang.

* Monitor instructors care of facility before and after the studio. Tools like the security system and Mindbody software will be given to supervisor.

* Create a Monthly report of instructor’s performance level.

* Ensure instructors have gone through all options of finding subs for their classes. Sub instructor classes when sub contractor cannot find a substitute teacher.

* Enforce penalities to instructors for poor performance with consultation of Owner, Sonia Kang.

* Development format of hiring new sub contractor instructors with the consultation of Owner Sonia Kang.

* Quarterly meeting with Owner to discuss sub contractor instructors performance level.

* Oversee workshops of instructors. Provide support to instructors as well as feedback.

* Teach Free Intro sessions to new prospects and teach the following sessions, Thursday 4:30pm Chair/Reformer combo and 5:30pm Reformer, Friday 5:30am,Saturday 8am chair,9am reformer, 10am chair and alternate on the Sunday schedule with 3 other instructors

* Performance Management, Giving Feedback, Project Management, Coaching, Foster Teamwork, Supervision, Staffing, Business Knowledge, Technical Leadership, Technical Management, Vision * Accredited Pilates training * At least 5 years experience teaching Pilates ( teaching consecutively 3 to 6 classes weekly)

Pay rate higher due to supervision of subcontractor instructors
$35 per group Equipment semi-private session
$30 for 3 or less people
$35 for Free intro assessments

$40 per private session
$45 duet
$35 per Mat class for 6 to 8 people
$30 for 5 people
$25 for 4 people or less

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