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Collins Street Physiotherapy

Posted by in on 2-28-13

Collins Street Physiotherapy

CSP HealthFit
the classes

Core strength program that is appropriate for all exercise levels – young/old, strong/weak, flexible/stiff, and sedentary/athletic.

Butts, Abs & Thighs
A strengthening and toning workout that focuses on the, buttock, abdominal and leg muscles, and increases the general fitness levels.

physiYoga® Stretch
This is an exercise program developed by health professionals that improves functional strength control with stretching exercises.

Pre/Postnatal Exercise
Exercise class designed to get you back in to prenatal shape and fitness levels. Also appropriate for prenatal exercise.

Pilates Personal Training
Personalised fitness training that addresses specific needs through a range of training methods under direct guidance.

Massage can be used to compliment the physical conditioning undertaken in the exercise classes (gift vouchers available).

Additional Info

Phone Number:

+61 9629 4299



Additional Information:

Christine Nacken
the instructor

Diploma in Physiotherapy (Germany)
Bruegger instructor (Germany)
Triggerpoint certification
Kinesio Tape certification

Christine is the class fitness instructor at Collins Street Physiotherapy and comes to the role from Germany with training in European health treatment techniques, particularly Pilates that had its origins with German born Joseph Pilates. Christine obtained her degree and further qualifications in Germany. In addition to clinical work, Christine also conducted fitness classes. After working in Germany in varied areas of healthcare, Christine now comes to Australia to share her exercise expertise in health and fitness, and further her own cultural and working experiences.

Christine’s particular areas of interest are the German based exercise programs of Pilates and Brueggers Posture Exercises. Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by German Joseph Pilates. He had practiced many of the physical training regimes which were available in Germany in his youth, and it was out of this context that he developed his own work. The Pilates method seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core. Brueggers Posture Exercise group is a program developed by Prof Alois Bruegger which works to correct poor posture and minimize your risk of developing back pain

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