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Pilates in Chatswood. Sydney

Posted by in on 1-22-13

Pilates in Chatswood. Sydney

Pilates in Chatswood is the premier Pilates studio on the North Shore of Sydney. Established in 1986 it is the first Pilates studio in the southern hemisphere teaching the renowned Menezes Method of Pilates.

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Phone Number:

(02) 8920 2622



Additional Information:

The Pilates Studio in Chatswood is the most experienced Pilates Studio in the Southern Hemisphere (est 1986).
It is a fully equipped Pilates Studio as well as a Gyrotonics Studio.

We offer:

•Better posture
•Increased stamina
•Stronger, deep core muscles
•Reduction in back pain
•Better sports performance
•Reduction in stress levels
•Leaner longer muscles
•A trimmer figure
•Improve your sex life
We are also specialists in assisting in the rehabilitation of back problems and have been doing this since 1986. We also help with:

•joint problems
•neck strain
•rehabilitation before and after surgery
•workers compensation cases (seperate program, not the one listed below)
The MENEZES METHOD is vastly different to regular pilates in just some of the following:

•Four specific breathing rules The B-Line(R)
•The Perfect Torso Posture(TM)
•The MENEZES Pilates CORe(TM)
•Stable Spine(TM)
•Golden Rules for teaching Specific sequencing and cueing of words when teaching
•The Stamina Stretch(TM) for increased lung capacity 20% in 2 minutes!
•The Safety Scales(TM)
•Continual Feedback Assessment (CFA) for clients
•The Exercise Formula (TM) for superior teaching
•Most exercises have a 'pre-fit' and 'super-fit' version for a wider exercise base
•Superior bio-mecahnics than ALL other functional Pilates courses available
•Menezes Position to reduce back strain during exercises
•Allan's Lunge to improve mobility of the hips and lowers back and improve a dancer's arabesque 25% in 1 minute!
•etc, etc

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