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Dynamic, motivated instructors – New York City

Dynamic, motivated instructors – New York City

LOCATION: 1015 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USA
COMPANY WEBSITE: http://www.pilatesphysiquestudio.com
PHONE NUMBER:  516.423.1179
EMAIL: info@pilatesphysiquestudio.com

We are seeking dynamic, motivated instructors with a solid background in Pilates. We have a brand new studio opening Spring 2013 with many opportunities to teach a variety of classes.


Pilates is for everyone. We have seen aspiring 10 year old dancers, seniors looking to touch their toes and professional athletes. Surprisingly, everyone comes in with the same goal, to become stretched and strengthened. Can that same goal be achieved for everyone? It most certainly can. As you focus on your breathing and concentrate on specific muscles while training, you will feel differences and see results. While flexibility takes some time to develop, your strength will build quickly. Overall, to prevent injury, your goal is to have your strength equal your flexibility. So, Pilates becomes necessary for everyone, keeping that goal in mind.

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